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Kelburn Alteration


     The existing residence required attention, both in layout and in building fabric, however its occupation of a wonderful site, and the quality of the original home offered a number of positive opportunities. The rear lean-to extensions providing service spaces had accrued over time and were cold, small and unattractive. Once the decision to remove these was made, the project focused around the best way to replace these functions, while creating an addition that was of appropriate substance to stand alongside the existing original house. Entry to the house and internal circulation had to be reconfigured to provide the separate entertaining and family living spaces required, while allowing these spaces to function contiguously. The upper level was enlarged, providing the additional bedrooms that were required, and reconfiguring bathrooms and storage.

     The form of the new addition is a single box, standing immediately to the rear of the existing complete house form. The materiality emphasises both its difference from the original house, and its quality. The spaces housed within are contemporary living spaces, as suggested by the form, materiality, and detailing of the box. A new entry canopy provides shelter and a clear marker of the front door at the join of new and old. Moving the entry to the opposite side of the house allowed additional space for the new service areas. Simplifying the circulation within the house also allowed it to become more generous in dimension, which is more appropriate for the size of the house, and the entertaining spaces within.


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