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Khandallah Alteration


      Although only 50 square metres of this 1950s Khandallah home was altered, the work undertaken would significantly impact the way the house was lived in. The brief was to reconfigure the family / kitchen and office area to the rear (southeast) of the lower floor only, focusing on those areas where the family lived informally. The requirements for the home office that ran the family business were functional, as it would need to remain separate with its own access and WC for staff. However the enlarged kitchen, family and outdoor area required an open feel and flow out through large opening aluminium doors to open up the south and east walls of the house to the spectacular views over the harbour and CBD.

Formal dining was provided for outside the area of work, but focusing on the informal, a small dining table in this area disappeared in favour of the large new bench, which would double as the child’s homework table. The kitchen and family areas naturally flow out to a low deck and paved courtyard. A new porch to the north of this area doubles, as access for the office, and a way in for informal visitors that use this entrance. While creating a contemporary feel to the interior space, the alteration’s real success is in accommodating the informal family lifestyle. The new spaces work equally well whether entertaining guests that all end up in the kitchen, or cooking on the built-in BBQ in favour of the stove, or using the kitchen for informal meals or supervising homework for the children.

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