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Khandallah Townhouses


      The site, close to and overlooking Wellington harbour, was previously home to a single ramshackle weatherboard house. The owners elected to demolish and replace this with a new house for themselves, and 2 townhouses below. Following an extensive subdivision and planning process, the first step in the redevelopment of the site, was the design and construction of two walk-down townhouses to the lower half of the property. Rather than small rental units, the brief was for back-to-back townhouses, with a simple sophisticated design to create spacious light homes that would value accordingly.

     The new townhouses both include two bedrooms with their own bathroom, a study area and open-plan living which maximise a feeling of space despite the small footprint. Full landscaping and inclusion of wiring for all modern conveniences helped each of the units to value substantially beyond the investment from day one.

Vertical timber screen

Registered Architects

Studio 1.04, 28 Waterloo Quay 
PO Box 595, Wellington, 6140  |  04 473 9777

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