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Mount Victoria Alteration


     The first site visit for this project revealed a wonderful view of the harbour from the front, and a private section backing onto the town belt to the rear. The existing house was however, rather run-down, with the whole of the rear including kitchen and bathroom) resting on a rotting floor below the level of the exterior ground. The location of the house within the Mt. Victoria character area provided an added challenge to the project. The client’s brief was to rebuild the rear of the house, including providing a new kitchen and bathroom, and to extend the front entry decks and open up the living spaces to the extended deck. There were also extensive storage and joinery elements to be added through the house, to optimise the space available.

The project is essentially a contemporary addition to the rear of the house, with concrete floor opening to a screened rear courtyard providing outdoor space for entertaining and enjoying the evening sun. The cantilevered concrete bench and bi-folding window help extend the kitchen outdoors, and add to the functionality of the tight spaces, while the window opening over the bath opens the bathroom to the outdoors. The new staircase to the main bedroom has made the transition to the upstairs less perilous, while the addition of a closable office and bookshelves to the rear of the living room create a practical study for work from home, without compromising space. The relining of the existing rooms and reconditioning of existing timber joinery have improved the comfort of the house, while the large bi-folding timber door to the new front deck has added a wonderful evening space for watching over the harbour and the city.


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